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Our laboratory was founded in the 1990s, and was re-founded as “Intelligent Materials and Vibration Control Laboratory” in September 2006. With continuous development, the laboratory owns now a strong support of software and hardware. The research area is gradually being expanded to interdisciplinary such as mechanics, machinery, materials science, automation. At present, the main research fields involve the intelligent and functional materials, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), vibration control, and dynamics of nanoparticles in complex field.

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龚兴龙教授等参加第一届全国软物质力学大会 2018-11-20
龚兴龙教授参加安徽省振动工程学会年会暨学术交流会 2018-11-11
陈现敏顺利通过博士答辩 2018-10-31
龚兴龙教授等参加全国流变学学术会议 2018-10-24
龚兴龙教授等参加亚洲实验力学大会 2018-10-15
龚兴龙教授参加浙大力学系系庆 2018-10-09
宣守虎副教授参加电磁功能材料与结构力学研讨会 2018-08-31
宣守虎副教授获得了优青资助 2018-08-18
龚兴龙教授参加固体力学青年学者学术研讨会 2018-08-17
宣守虎副教授参加北方七省市区力学大会 2018-08-15


Sincerely welcome aspiring young students to join our research group for a master's and doctor's degree, and engage in postdoctoral research! Sincerely welcome research institutions and enterprises to contact us for discussion and cooperation!


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Professor:Gong Xinglong
Address:Department of Modern Mechanics,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,Anhui,P.R.C